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The NFL's All-Highest-Paid Team

The Baltimore Ravens recently made Tavon Young the highest-paid slot cornerback in the NFL. (John Amis/Associated Press) ... shifty slot receivers have become dangerous mismatches in today’s NFL ... Jamison Crowder leads Top-10 slot receiver ... - NFL.com Jarvis Landry, Miami Dolphins (2.87 separation at target) Slot separation: 2.87 (70 percent of targets) Out wide separation: 3.41 (30 percent of targets) Air yards per target: 6.6 After catching 288 passes in his first three years, Jarvis Landry is well-established as one of the better slot receivers in the NFL. A Look at the Slot Receiver | Over the Cap A Look at the Slot Receiver. Out of the group Amendola lined up in the slot an incredible 82.9% of the time. The league average for slot players with at least 25% of snaps in the slot was around 55% so he has almost no use anywhere else on the field. That was far higher than Welker’s 74.4% of the snaps.

After another spectacular season in Pittsburgh, the Steelers decided to reward Antonio Brown with a contract that puts him above every other receiver in the league.

Slot Performance. To start with I wanted to examine each players stats when they line up in the slot. For Harvin and Welker these are 3 year averages while for Cruz and Amendola it is just 2. The NFL averages are a 3 year average for all players with at least 25% slot targets as reported by Pro Football Focus. NFL's highest paid wide receivers: Antonio Brown, Mike Evans ...

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A real-time, sortable list of active NFL contracts including total value, guaranteed money, and complete salary breakdowns. ... Wide Receiver Contracts A Look at the Slot Receiver | Over the Cap

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Ranking the Top 10 Slot Receivers in the NFL | 12up Ranking the Top 10 Slot Receivers in the NFL. Jonah Gould 29 Jun 2016. Next 0 / 10. Slot receivers are extremely valuable players to an offense. Typically, we think of the position with players like Wes Welker; smaller players who win with quickness rather than height. They are also the players who do most of their work in between the numbers. NFL slot cornerbacks are increasing in value. They’re ...